Marketing Shutter Africa

Shutter Africa was created to connect explorers and travellers to information that matters and which is available in layman’s terms. We’re very big about our social media platforms and we’ve searched the web and found key hash tag keywords you could use to market your amazing images and content online.

We offer a range of marketing options of which our most popular is our African image library resources and local reviews integrated with our social media platforms.

Image Libraries:

Companies are always looking for the next best image to promote their brands or products. Other’s are looking for images for print media like brochures or online marketing to advertise upcoming events or sell products. We’ve taken the initiative to take professional images all over Africa, to make sure we meet our clients needs.

If you looking for a specific themed image or just newer, fresher images to promote you or your brand, contact us and we’ll crack the whip and find you the best available options.

Local Reviews:

At the moment we only offer local reviews in Cape Town, while we set up services all over Africa. If you would like us to come to your restaurant, hotel, or other business services please feel free to contact us.

The service was designed to promote your services to our visitors, and to make sure you’re promoted fairly and accurately. Online exposure is king and we’re able to provide an editorial that promotes and advertises your brand like no other.