Lions Head Hiking Feature

Lion’s Head is my favourite mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s right in the middle between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. The mountain peaks at 669 meters above sea level and is free to enter and hike for local and international travellers.

Sunrise is one of those moments when the world makes perfect sense and the moment when the sky lights up with a flame that warms our souls like no other.

So we woke up at 5am, knowing that sunrise was at 6:30am and planned to start climbing the mountain at least 40 minutes before sunrise to achieve the whole experience.

We started climbing up the 2,195ft of beautiful mountain and noticed all the Capetonions, local and international travellers sharing this moment with us as we took to the ground to make the journey to the top of the mountain.

The mountain is a pretty easy hike and can be done with the family and friends. It has amazing city views, endless oceans and stunning skyline views of Cape Town even all the way around Camps Bay as you make your first bend around the mountain on your hike.

The hike consists of rocky area’s which requires a bit of climbing and holding onto mountain grips while doing do, but the majority of the hike is very smooth and even has steps to make the journey up the mountain a lot smoother.

The hike takes on average about 2 hours if you consider taking in the fresh air and enjoying the views of the Cape Town, with about an hour to come back down to reality.

Things to consider:

  • Safety is important as always so consider walking in groups and doing it when you know there are other people climbing at the same time.
  • Take some light snacks for a little picnic on top of the mountain if you know a nibbler is something you can’t live without.
  • Water is important, there are no watering spots while climbing up so make sure you’re always hydrated.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, preferably hiking shoes for those slippery ground spots, but takkies should suffice for this hike.
  • Know you limit and always allow faster, or experienced hikers to go pass if you taking strain.

It’s something worth doing and also provides a great family bonding experience which costs time more than anything else, and well planned time can be so worth it.

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